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North Cyprus Direct Website Privacy Policy  


When you enter a website, the website leaves a cookie in your pc. This is in affect a very small text file and allows the website to offer a better service to you while you are browsing. also uses cookies to track what visitors do on the website. Our cookies do not store any personal or identifiable information or data. also uses tools provided by Google Inc such as Google Analytics. Google does store your IP in its own servers and tracks the sue of the website for us. The information is supplied to us as reports in the Google analytic environment. If required to do so by law, Google may send your details to a third party to look at for them. Your IP will not ever be stored with the data Google holds. Please see documentation provided by Google for of how it handles data. 

If you do not want to give access to cookies, you can block them through browser settings. If you do however block cookies, this could affect your experience on as some things are designed to provide you a better experience. You can also have extra reading at so you can learn more about how to control cookies.

All information on is shared within Direct Traveller ltd and all its trading names where it sees necessary to do so. 

Thank you for reading the privacy policy. If you do require any further information please contact us directly. 


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