North Cyprus Flights has an amazing range of flight options for you for your North Cyprus holidays. With thousands of flight routes to choose from for Ercan flights, Larnaca flights and Paphos flights. 

If you are staying in North Cyprus you can choose to fly via Turkey to Ercan airport or fly non-stop direct to Larnaca airport or Paphos airports.

Airlines that fly to Ercan airport include Pegasus Airlines, AtlasGlobal Airlines (AtlasJet airlines) and Turkish Airlines.

Airlines that fly to Larnaca include EasyJet airlines, British Airways, Norwegian Airlines, TUI, Thomascook, Monarch Airlines.

Airlines that fly to Paphos airport include RyanAir, British Airways, TUI, Thomascook.

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Non-stop Direct Flights 

The accession of Cyprus to European Union on the 1st May 2004 has meant it is now possible to travel freely between North Cyprus and south Cyprus making North Cyprus more accessible than ever possible.  

We understand that your holiday begins with your flight, and to make sure your journey to Northern Cyprus gets off to the best possible start, we are now able to fly you direct from 18 departure airports from the UK to Larnaca and Paphos, from over a choice of 100 different flight routes for your convenience. 

Regardless of your geographic location, whether you down in the suburbs of the English country or up in the northern Scottish highlands, be sure that North Cyprus Direct will make North Cyprus accessible to you. 

All flights to Larnaca are available from main and regional departure points throughout our summer season, with flexible durations from majority of airports and a choice of scheduled and charter flights. 

Transfer times from Larnaca to Kyrenia are approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes, whilst Famagusta is shorter with just under an hour. Paphos transfers are approximately 1 hour longer in duration for both areas.

 Flights to Ercan


Flights to Larnaca & Paphos Airport

  • Fly Direct with no touch-downs or stopovers 
  • Flight time is approximately 4 to 4.5 hours 
  • Choice of 18 UK main and regional departure airports 
  • Comfortable air-conditioned transfers (no change of vehicles required) 
  • All border crossing formalities are handled by our experienced drivers (approximately 2 minutes) 
  • European Union arrival airport. Standard duty free restrictions apply.


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Fly via Turkey 

The more conventional route to North Cyprus is with flights to Ercan airport, with flights touching down in Turkey with a courtesy touchdown for 45 minutes (no change of aircraft required). All flights featured in this brochure are based on scheduled flights to Ercan airport from Stansted. 

Although flying time is slightly longer than travelling to Larnaca, transfer times from Ercan to Kyrenia and Famagusta is approximately 40 minutes. 

You have a choice of 8 main departure points. 

We believe in providing you with the flexibility and choice, as we know how much time it takes preparing your holiday, we are fully committed to working around your requirements. 


Flights to Ercan Airport

  • Flights are via Turkey with short touchdown (no change of aircraft required) 
  • All flights are with scheduled airlines operating from 8 main airports. (2 of which do not require change of aircraft)
  • Shorter transfers to both Kyrenia and Famagusta 
  • No border crossings required 
  • Low cost duty-free outlets available at the airport

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 North Cyprus flights



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